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St. Vincent Ferrer School has a School Counselor. The School Counselor’s primary role at SVF is to provide support for our students so that they can be successful academically and socially. By facilitating communication among students, teachers & staff, parents, administrators and community resources such as the School District of Palm Beach County, the School Counselor safeguards that our students’ needs are met.

A comprehensive, developmental school counseling program, which includes individual and small group counseling for students, classroom guidance lessons and consultation with teachers, parents, administrators, and community resources, is provided for all grade levels. Our American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Standards based program includes teaching students developmentally appropriate lessons in three domains: academic, personal/social, and career. The School Counselor discusses topics such as social skills, self-awareness, conflict resolution, respect & empathy for others, goal setting, anger management, drug awareness, and career development. Lessons are either developed by the School Counselor or from The Committee for Children’s Second Step program.

Students are welcome and are encouraged to meet with the school counselor to discuss academic, personal or social issues individually or in small groups. In cases of conflict with peers, the counselor acts as a mediator in peace table discussions.

The School Counselor coordinates Speech & Language services, Title I services, and Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services through the School District of Palm Beach County for students with special needs. Students who struggle academically are brought to the School Counselor’s attention by teachers, and procedures set forth by the Diocese of Palm Beach are followed to ensure that struggling students get the help that they need. The School Counselor works closely with the SVF Resource Teacher, Diocesan Psychologist, School District of Palm Beach County, teachers and tutors to facilitate the extra help for struggling students. At times, students may need a psychological-educational evaluation to determine learning differences. The School Counselor reviews the psychologist’s extensive report, creates an Accommodations Plan, and communicates the student’s needs to his/her teachers.

Annual standardized testing (Terra Nova Assessment) for grades 2 through 8 is also supervised by the School Counselor.