St. Vincent Ferrer School

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Mission Statement

A Vision for St. Vincent Ferrer School
St. Vincent Ferrer will inspire in each student
a love of learning and social responsibility consistent
with our Catholic Identity.
We will provide academic excellence infused in technology,
with an emphasis on critical thinking.
Through their service to others, our students are prepared
for the challenges of today's global society.
St. Vincent Ferrer School Mission Statement
St. Vincent Ferrer School celebrates the uniqueness of each person as a  child of God while we proclaim the Gospel message, pray together, build  community, and serve others. 
We encourage students to
        open their Hearts to God,  
                        their Minds to Learning,  
                                   give of their Talents to Service and
                                                   strive to be Stewards of the Earth.
We will provide a  strong spiritual and academic foundation so  that  our students can  become   responsible members of the Church and community now and in the future.
Our Philosophy
We believe that:
  • Parents are called to be the primary educators of their children, and that they work in collaboration with the pastor, principal, teachers, and faith community of the parish to share in the responsibility of carrying out the mission of the school.
  • Our Catholic school reflects the integration of Catholic faith and values with learning, life, and service to others without distinction.
  • Students are challenged to demonstrate an understanding of essential knowledge and skills with evidence of active problem solving and quality work ethic.
  • Each student is recognized and valued as a unique child of God in his/her social, emotional, and academic needs.
  • The school program reflects Christian values of social justice and peace.
  • A variety of instructional approaches are necessary for students to demonstrate their full potential and individuality.
  • On-going evaluation and improvement of the curriculum is crucial to the development of a sound educational program.