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Mission Statement

A Vision for St. Vincent Ferrer School
All students recognize the uniqueness of their God-given gifts
and leverage their academic learning to use their gifts in the service of others.
Every student will be proficient or above in reading and math by the end of 2nd grade.
  They will maintain or increase their proficiency through 8th grade. 
St. Vincent Ferrer School Mission Statement
St. Vincent Ferrer School, in participation with our families and parish, proclaims the Catholic Faith and inspires academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment of serviceopportunity, mercy, and love.
We encourage students to
        open their Hearts to God,  
                        their Minds to Learning,  
                                   give of their Talents to Service and
                                                   strive to be Stewards of the Earth.
We will provide a strong spiritual and academic foundation so that our students can become responsible members of the Church and our community now and in the future.
Our Philosophy

St. Vincent Ferrer School places Catholic Identity at the center of education.

We believe:

  • A partnership with the family, parish, and community is necessary to develop each child’s potential.
  • A safe and caring environment provides students with meaningful learning experiences that enrich their lives.
  • A multicultural community celebrates the dignity of all people.
  • Academic excellence is comprised of rich curricula and opportunities for creativity and leadership.

Guided by St. Vincent Ferrer School’s mission, and philosophy, our students make worthwhile contributions as responsible, moral, ethical stewards in service to the community.