School Year 2020-2021 Tuition Costs



Standard Tuition


Affiliated Tuition

1 Student

$9,600 ($872.73 / month x 11)

$8,250 ($750.00 / month x 11) 

2 Students

$18,400 ($1,672.70 / month x 11)

$15,700 ($1,427.28 / month x 11)

3 Students

$26,900 ($2,445.46 / month x 11)

$22,250 ($2,022.73 / month x 11)

4 Students

$32,400 ($2,945.46 / month x 11)

$28,900 ($2,627.28 / month x 11)

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program

Age 4 by September 1st

School Day Program 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM

 VPK Supplement plus


($645.45 / month x 11)

VPK Supplement plus 
($522.72 / month x 11)

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten is a separate entity.

Discounts for siblings are not applied until Kindergarten. 

Application for Admission (New Families Only)    $75 per student

Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $500 per family

New 2020-2021 Families are assessed a one-time fee to support the Building Maintenance Fund:

  • $ 1,500 per family for students entering Kindergarten through Grade 5
  • $ 1,000 per family for students entering Grade 6 through Grade 8
This tax-deductible amount may be paid at once or over 2 years as part of monthly tuition payments.

Standard Tuition Rates apply to families who are not registered and/or not supporting a Catholic Church in the Diocese of Palm Beach. 

Affiliated Tuition Rates a Family Acknowledgement Form must be signed by your Catholic Parish Pastor and submitted to your Church each year during registration. The affiliated rate will be assessed upon receipt of the Family Acknowledgement Form by the School from your Pastor. The Family Acknowledgement form is due on or before May 1st to receive the affiliated tuition rate by July 1, 2020.

Tuition Payments: Per the Diocese of Palm Beach, FACTS Tuition handles all tuition payments.

*Student Fees: Due June 30th through FACTS tuition management.

 Pre-K4$ 300 per student  Kindergarten – 8th grade$ 500 per student

Middle School (Grade 6-8)  iPad Insurance Fee$150 (upon receipt of iPad)

Grade 8 Graduation Fee$100   Home & School Fee$75 per   Family Sports Fee: $35 per sport

 Extended Care, Lunch, Activity Fees & Field Trips available at additional cost.


20 hours of Service required by every family to be completed at the school or church: $20 per hour will be invoiced if not fulfilled. Minimum of Two (2) Shifts at Parish Festival per family (6 hours).  Buy/Sell (2) $100 raffle tickets.


*No portion of the Registration Fee, Books Fee, Student Insurance, Testing Fees or Building Maintenance Fund will be refunded for early withdrawal.


Annual Ferrer Fund: Tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating our children. The Annual Fund offers every family, a tax-deductible way to provide school enhancements that the operating budget cannot cover.  Every gift makes an impact, no matter what the amount.100% participation is the norm.  It is an affirmation of your belief and support of our school's program and its mission.  


 *State Scholarships Accepted:
VPK: (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program):  Apply directly to

Step Up For Students, Family Empowerment Scholarships (FES), Gardiner:  Apply directly online to (Seats are limited for this program)

McKay Scholarship:  Apply directly online to AAA: Apply directly online to

*Applicants will be responsible to pay the remaining difference.  

Tuition Assistance:

Tuition Aid forms must be completed and submitted online to FACTS Grant & Aid. Based on your submitted application, FACTS Grant & Aid will provide St. Vincent Ferrer School with criteria for awarding. Due on or before April 30th.