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Middle School

Through a rigorous and relevant curriculum, the middle school faculty
instills a love of learning and desire to acquire knowledge in each and
every student. Academic instruction addresses the courses in the areas
of English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Religion,
as well as offering students electives to enhance their education.
Students will be immersed in Music, Art, Technology, Media, Spanish,
Drama, Physical Education, Health, and Guidance. With cross-curricular
units, project-based learning, and planning as a team all teachers
ensure that students are prepared for future endeavors.

Real-world connections and inquiry-based learning drives the
instruction at SVF. Students have multiple opportunities to engage in
hands-on learning through the use of their 1:1 iPads, technology, projects, field
trips, manipulatives, and experiments, which fosters critical thinking
and develops cooperative learning. With the use of technology and
iPads in the classroom, teachers use various apps such as Nearpod,
Wordmover, Quizlet, and iMovie to prepare students for a global
society and promote higher-order thinking and problem-solving

Here at St. Vincent Ferrer, we develop and strive to nurture the student as a whole, by
extending the curriculum outside of the classroom. Students showcase
their talents by entering and participating in the Scripts National
Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, National History Fair, and Diocesan Math
Competition, which cultivates a sense of pride in each and every one of
our students. Every year we also take field trips to enrich the
standard curriculum: Beach Clean-up, Palm Beach Court House, St.
Vincent de Paul Seminary, and The Delray Beach Veterans Day Celebration. Students also participate in
various clubs, of their choice, which encourages teamwork, builds
character and long-lasting friendships.

Our Catholic Identity is infused into every aspect of our students'
day. Our students start their morning with prayer along with praying at the start of every class. Our Students receive instruction from the Religious Order, the
Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. We attend Mass each Friday, participating in the liturgy and choir.  Our faith formation is centered on the person of Jesus Christ, devotion to the Blessed Mother and fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church. This is emphasized throughout the school day within the curriculum, class retreats, virtue formation, and by making time for daily prayer and reflection.

Students take part in various school-wide events throughout the year
that promote community service, including food drives and Missionary
Childhood Association (MCA) Collections. Each class adopts and supports a charitable organization, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community and putting our faith into practice. All our efforts aim to form young men and women who are aware of the needs around them and bring Christ’s truth and light to the world.